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Item Name: HM series face tattoo

gold face tattoo

Size:                    10.5*20cm

Material:              Watermark paper + watertransfer paper +eco-friendly ink

Surface finished: CMYK color printing with glitter and pvc film protected

Thickness:           0.33mm

Packing:              Each one pack in opp bag.

HS Code:            48211000

Certificate:          EN71-3, TRA,CPSR, Heavry Metal , Microbiological detection.


1.Easy to apply . Durable and long lasting. Easily removes with oil or alcohol.

2.Used for anywhere,For people decoration of skin,Fits any face size; men, women and children. any Not for children under 3years.

3.any design and pictures are avaiable and OEM is welcome.

4.Colors and designs are visual and brightly.

5.All material is Non-toxic and Safety.High-quality temporary tattoo set with vibrant ink.

6.Metallic stamp or  CMYK color or Pantone color printing both OK.

These face designs work great for men, women and children. They can be cut and applied to any face size. Cut out the individual shapes and then apply to makeup free skin with just water and a sponge . Makeup can be applied once the tattoo is dry (within minutes). These are high quality tattoos. Easy to apply with water and then remove with oil or alcohol. Durable, vibrant and long lasting.

Your body is a canvas, So color it! Show off beautiful ink without having to make a lifelong commitment. Not only do these work wonderful as Spring and Summer accessories, but they make fantastic gifts for birthdays!Be a sexy woman.

OEM Customer design MOQ has to disccuss by Email or Online talking,Welcome customer send inqury to us,We will reply in 24hours.

How to apply: (you will need a scissors, and a wet paper towel)

how to apply tattoo



- Don't apply the tattoo directly onto your wrist if you plan on doing work with it immediately after application since bending your wrist before the tattoo has fully set into your skin may cause wrinkling. 

-It is optimal to apply the tattoos on areas of the body that do not bend for example, forearm, upper arm, chest, lower leg, top of foot etc. 

- Once you apply the tattoo to your skin, don't touch it for 30-60 minutes. If you have dry skin, the edges of the tattoo might come off your skin, so just run the tattoo under water for a few seconds and it will set back in place. 

-Once the tattoo has set into your skin you can resume your daily activities as per usual. Showering, sleeping, swimming etc will not affect the tattoo. 

-After care of your Tattoo.

Tattoo can last from one to several days up into a week but how long your tattoo lasts will depend on a number of factors such as how often you shower or bathe, hot water can melt the medical grade glue and will inevitably shorten the life of your tattoo. If you shower try and keep your tattoo out of the direct way of the shower spray, if it gets wet gently pat it dry, do not rub it. Do not use soaps, oils or sunscreens over your tattoo as they will remove it. The placement of your tattoo is also important as the friction of body parts and clothing rubbing against your tattoo will shorten its life. 

How to order OEM tattoo:

1.Sent your image to us

2.Tattoo Prooft confirmed by us.

A.Tattoo Size(Each tattoo would need at least 3MM blank from each edge ,so usually the trim size would be at least 6mm bigger than the image on both width and length).


B.Tattoo mirror( As applying tattoo we need toplaceit face down on skin when printing .We need to mirror it in order to reach the effect on skin customer expects.)

OEM tattoo sticker

C.White effect choosed

Pls choose one of two option(required):1.No White Ink(any white areas of the design will be clear when they are applied on the skin  2.With white ink .

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