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Neon  Body Tattoo Stickers are extremely popular nowadays, that glow really bright under black lights. Fashion designs in neon pink color . These Neon tattoos look great in day or under black lights! Choose bright colorful fake tattoos for your outstanding party.

Jewelly Flash Tattoos offers sparkling and beautiful temporary tattoos (fake tattoos) and colorful tats that will make you stand out.

Size: 10.8*15cm 


- Lasts anywhere over a week. Depends where you apply it .

- Safe and non-toxic .

- Our tattoo get passed cosmetic standard testing , safe for children. 

   Certificates: EN71-3, TRA,CPSR, Heavry Metal , Microbiological detection.

- Includes tattoo application instructions

- Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive 

- Remove with baby oil or rubbing alcohol

Individual Body Tattoo Sticker, so you can use as many or as little as you want. Share with a friend or keep them all.

How to apply: (you will need a scissors, and a wet paper towel)

how to apply tattoo



- Don't apply the tattoo directly onto your wrist if you plan on doing work with it immediately after application since bending your wrist before the tattoo has fully set into your skin may cause wrinkling. 

-It is optimal to apply the tattoos on areas of the body that do not bend for example, forearm, upper arm, chest, lower leg, top of foot etc. 

- Once you apply the tattoo to your skin, don't touch it for 30-60 minutes. If you have dry skin, the edges of the tattoo might come off your skin, so just run the tattoo under water for a few seconds and it will set back in place. 

-Once the tattoo has set into your skin you can resume your daily activities as per usual. Showering, sleeping, swimming etc will not affect the tattoo. 

where to apply the tattoo

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